Who We Are

C-Corp BV was established by Mr. Bauke van der Meer in 2004 as a family owned, independent trust- and corporate services provider in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. As from 2005 C-Corp BV is fully licensed by the Dutch Central Bank under the Dutch Law on Supervision of trust offices. We provide a wide range of high quality services in management, accounting, treasury- and bank maintenance services, legal and corporate support, regulatory and compliance services, including domiciliation, providing qualified personal directors- and corporate directors, corporate restructurings.

The Netherlands as an EU member is one of the best places to conduct business: it provides a stable economic and political environment, excellent infrastructure, a high quality financial system as well as a beneficial tax regime for multinational companies. The Netherlands has a long history in providing corporate- and financial services, with regulatory oversight by the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) and the Authority for Financial Markets (AFM).

Our Core Values

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Our Vision

Our vision is to be the very best independent fiduciary, corporate and financial services provider in the Netherlands  rendering services to a wide range of corporate- and private clients across the world.

We have built our business based on the principles of cooperation and openness for mutual benefits.

Our vision is embodied in our corporate culture:

  • “Client comes first” – we are committed to servicing our clients and meeting their requirements with outstanding  quality in a very timely manner.
  • To create a stakeholder mentality where everybody considers herself/himself as a part of the business.
  • To create an environment that enables our employees to fully develop their skills and to maximise their potential.
  • Complete commitment to equal opportunities.
Mission Statement

C-Corp B.V. was born out of the profound wish of our founder Bauke van der Meer to build a bridge between East and West, to connect divergent and often even contrary cultures with each other, to create a place, where the Eastern and Western way of doing business could come together.

Our mission is to build long-lasting solid partnerships with our clients and business relations and to enable them to focus on their core business, whilst we manage and maintain their corporate entities in the Netherlands. We arrange in a cost efficient way for the Dutch entities of our clients to be in good standing at any time, we manage business- and corporate governance risks, we make sure that assets of our clients are protected in the best possible way and we ensure that all the local business and regulatory requirements are met.

Corporate Services

5.2 C-Corp offers a full range of corporate services that include: company formation and liquidation, corporate secretarial services, daily administration and management, tax compliance services, accounting and financial reporting, obligatory filing under Dutch law.

With every new engagement a C-Corp Director is assigned to take overall responsibility for the client relationship, service delivery and quality standards.

The C-Corp Management ensures that an appropriate team is put in place to manage and administer client affairs on a day-to-day basis. A C-Corp account manager is assigned to be the client’s direct contact for any queries concerning accounting, tax and corporate legal matters.

List of Services
  • Assistance with Incorporation of Dutch BVs, NVs, Cooperatives, Foundations, etc.
  • Domiciliation services (providing registered address)
  • Management Services (providing corporate or personal directors)
  • Corporate legal- and corporate secretarial services
  • Book keeping and accounting services
  • Financial reporting services (IFRS, Dutch GAAP)
  • Treasury services, maintenance of bank accounts
  • Liquidation- and Custodian of the books services

Our Incredible Team

All our employees hold a relevant professional qualification or are working towards this through officially recognized education institutions.


Services team

Nikita Cherkesov
Senior Legal Account Manager
Nataliya Dirun
Business Compliance Officer / Financial Accountmanager
Nataliia Pastukhova
Junior Legal Account Manager
Lada Kim
Office Manager / Paralegal
Jeroen van der Woord
Compliance Manager a.i.
Elena Beliaeva
Client Director

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8.2 Company History

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